We Came From The Stars, and Then From Mars ebook

*UPDATE 2018: Version 21.0 now available for download

*UPDATE May 22, 2017:  Version 18.o now available for download*

This is it.. An exclusive PDF document to change what we understand about our world’s history.  This is the information that has been hidden from us for centuries- Our origins, what star systems, who visited, where we settled, what’s real, and what’s not.  What if there are 7 million solar systems in our galaxy that host life?  What if half of those host human civilizations?  Out of 156 billion star systems in our galaxy, could 7 million host some life?

Download now –>: We Came From the Stars and Then From Mars  (version 18.0)

Download now –>: We Came From the Stars and Then From Mars  (version 5.0)


we came

Click here to download: We Came From the Stars and Then From Mars PDF document

When the file opens up, click the “Save a Copy” diskette icon near the bottom to save it to your computer.  Enjoy!

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3 Responses to “We Came From The Stars, and Then From Mars ebook”

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    […] For another account of the history of E.T.s and humans, see: https://gregdougall.wordpress.com/2014/10/05/we-came-from-the-stars-and-then-from-mars-ebook-giveaway… […]

  2. Our Newly Discovered Responsibility | Cosmic Love Says:

    […] OK, so what does this comment mean?  Well, the biggest misunderstanding around the entire world has to do with religion and the interpretation of Jesus and the Bible.  What if the Talmud Jmmanuel was the only book written during his lifetime, and a copy of it later turned into the Gospel of Matthew?  This is what really happened.  It is so crystal clear when you read it, and even more clear when a biblical scholar James Deardorff spends his life verifying it’s authenticity.  This is why the translator and his family was machine-gunned to death.  We have gotten so far away from the original non-religious spiritual teaching that it’s going to take another 800 years to get back on track and re-learn our history.  […]

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