Massive UFO filmed during blood moon lunar eclipse

April 18, 2014

You deserve this, SETI

April 18, 2014

You deserve this, SETI

French artist, Dran

Mythi update 115

April 17, 2014

(Note: CG stands for Community Galactica)

Eireport blog update April 16

April 16, 2014

Extremes of experience accompany Higher Cosmic Aligned Nova Gaia energetic grids.

Nothing escapes Illumination at this time.

Most strongly illumined, and most strongly affected, are dormant revert energetic structures within human individuals, communities, and so-called governmental bodies.

After initial flarings, conscious individuals, communities, and so-called governmental bodies, learn to accept such, and release the revert structures.

Predominance of heart connections becomes apparent.


Newsletter from the Collective of Guides

April 15, 2014

Newsletter from the Collective of Guides April 14, 2014

Dear Ones,

Know that we are loving you powerfully. We are in awe of how much you have accomplished collectively in a relatively short amount of time. The changes that are upon you are assisting you in a process of total transformation that will grow in intensity as you continue to unfold into the divine beings that you have forgotten that you are. As you complete the next cycle of growth, your reality will seem to shift before your very eyes. Rest assured that this new, more expanded sense of reality is much easier to navigate once you allow yourself to sink into its ease and flow. The oneness of all permeates all things and that will become more and more apparent with each passing day. You will find new ways to traverse this expanded reality in ways that will delight and inspire you and give you a sense of ever-increasing joy, purpose, and connection.

As this experience of manifestation of uniquely perfect circumstances for every situation becomes your common way of being, you will marvel that it took so long for you to co-create this collective reality. You will understand how your thoughts truly create your everyday life circumstances and remember that it was just a moment ago that that understanding was still outside your grasp of understanding. You will rejoice in the simplicity of it all and know that the Creator’s design for all things begins simply and becomes increasingly complex by adding graduated layers to the basic design until its function evolves in direct proportion to the complexity of its evolution beyond its original design or purpose. Know that that is true for every being that exists in all worlds and certainly for each human potentiate. We invite you to think of yourselves as beings potentiating into a higher form than any that has ever existed on Earth simultaneously en masse. What we mean by this is that, there have been times throughout your history when certain cultures lived in very advanced ways in comparison to other cultures inhabiting Earth at the same time. Simultaneously, several epochs or eras were being played out at the same time by different peoples according to their level of development. Some civilizations were living with very advanced mathematics, language, government, healing abilities, knowledge of the relationship between Earth and the many celestial bodies in relationship to her, and an awareness of the interconnectedness of all things and how to sustain and nurture that interconnectivity for the mutual benefit of all. While at the very same time there were other cultures who were made up of small families who subsisted together for warmth and safety and eked out a meager existence in relationship to their immediate environment, yet ignorant of so much else that existed.

Current human culture is somewhere between these two extremes. You are all rapidly evolving to the point where you will all surpass the most advanced civilization that has ever graced planet Earth. You will all awaken to your true identity of divine beings having a human experience. You will acquire many skills that many of you only dream of – telepathy, astral travel, remote viewing, telekinesis, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clair-gnosis, and many other ‘supernatural’ abilities. We want to make it very clear that all of these gifts and more are very accessible to all of you and part of the process of acquiring them is the simple yet powerful belief that you are capable of all of this and more in order to allow you to open up to these abilities.

As more and more of you begin experiencing these gifts, you will be paving the way for others to open up to their own abilities. Your ability to foretell the future, read the signs and symbols that exist everywhere in nature to help you navigate your path, manifest whatever you choose, and discover what your unique and singular purpose is – different from every other being that exists, is all part and only a small part of your divine being-ness. Know that each and every one of you will develop abilities that you, in your current state of consciousness, would consider miraculous. Also know that you will quickly let go of thinking of so much that is happening all around you as miraculous as the magic that is happening all around you becomes more and more commonplace and all that seems mundane and cumbersome will fall away to be replaced by the remarkable and light-filled. It is time to let go of the darkness and allow yourself to first believe in, and then realize the fact that you are impeccable co-creators with the Divine Source of All That Is.

Know that this is your truth for all time. Know we are loving you powerfully and we are all One.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides

Channeled by Salena Migeot

Proof 2- 550 year old “Voynich” manuscript is young Orion E.T. botany student’s lost notes

April 15, 2014

In my second post entitled “Proof”, we get a great look at the handwriting and sketches of a young person from Orion who accidently left their homework on Earth….


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“The student who lost her book of personal notes about 550 years ago belonged to a race of humanoids tall and thin, a very gentle people who live in Orion. They do botanical research in several galaxies. For writing, she describes the plants found and observed in other solar systems, and made some copies of astrological positions where these species had been cataloged from. The affection, with which she was making these personal notes, should be a trainee in botany which must have been very sad to lose these notes….

…500 years ago, the navigation systems of ships of many races did not communicate with databases like today, and much was written down or recorded. A scientist would never do this botanical annotation type but a child in field training yes. Children sometimes become absorbed with their findings and forget things everywhere. With children of other races it is no different.”

~Mythi from Andromeda


To see my first Proof post, go here:



“The Voynich manuscript, described as “the world’s most mysterious manuscript”, is a work which dates to the early 15th century, possibly from northern Italy. It is named after the book dealer Wilfrid Voynich, who purchased it in 1912. Some pages are missing, but the current version comprises about 240 vellum pages, most with illustrations. Much of the manuscript resembles herbal manuscripts of the time period, seeming to present illustrations and information about plants and their possible uses for medical purposes. However, most of the plants do not match known species, and the manuscript’s script and language remain unknown and unreadable. Possibly some form of encrypted ciphertext, the Voynich manuscript has been studied by many professional and amateur cryptographers, including American and British codebreakers from both World War I and World War II. As yet, it has defied all decipherment attempts, becoming a cause célèbre of historical cryptology. The mystery surrounding it has excited the popular imagination, making the manuscript a subject of both fanciful theories and novels. None of the many speculative solutions proposed over the last hundred years has yet been independently verified. The Voynich manuscript was donated to Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library in 1969, where it is catalogued under call number MS 408 and called a “Cipher Manuscript”. “


Now you know what it is and who it belonged to!

Search my website for “Mythi”  for more posts and identified mysteries such as REAL UFOs and E.T.s.




Friends, I have published over 800 posts, most of which contain extraterrestrial information.  Use this site as a resource to search for information from the Arcturians, Orions, Pleiadians, Sirians, Essassani, and others.  There are dozens potential “Proof” posts I can write, but here’s why I wrote this one:

Think about the girl sitting in class somewhere in the Orion constellation when her teacher says, “Class, our next field trip will be to a small blue planet called Gaia in the Sol system.  It’s only about 700 light years away, so you’ll be home before dinner.  Your assignment is to find and sketch three of the plants we have reviewed and take note of their root and seed structures.  Then you will compare these plants with those you found on Rigel and Mintaka.

People, this is a REAL artifact from a humanoid child from another planet.  Let that sink in.  My last Proof post was about an artifact from a DIFFERENT star system.  I have posted pictures of transport ships in space, buildings on the moon, and other artifacts left here by ancient star races as gifts and teaching tools.  My question to you is, how many pieces of evidence do you need?    There are dozens of pieces of proof like this out there, but how many more are in private collections or military storage vaults?    If the language is completely indecipherable and the plants drawn are nothing like those on our planet, THEN THEY ARE FROM OTHER PLANETS WITH BIOLOGICAL LIFE.   If you’ve been reading my blog for more than a few months, you’ll know that I often reference NASA’s Kepler Space telescope which has spotted more than 3000 e.t. planets in a small piece of sky, and from their numbers, the scientists at NASA say there are 18 billion earth-sized planets in our Milky Way galaxy, of which 8.8 billion are in the habitable zone.  Let that sink in.

I just can’t ignore the dozens of pieces of visual evidence and hundreds (thousands) of intelligent channeled messages that explain things that we admittedly can not.  When will the rest of the world put all of the pieces of evidence together, despite the best pieces being hidden by the wealthy, the military, and the Vatican?    So what does this really mean?

It MEANS that interstellar spacecraft are a physical reality, and DON’T BURN GASOLINE, which is why for over 100 years, Nikola Tesla’s discoveries have been whisked away in order to keep oil companies, gas companies, nuclear companies, and utility companies in business.    With the complete truth we don’t need to pollute this planet at all, we don’t need to die of cancer, and we don’t need to be slaves to money or religion like many people have been in the past.

It MEANS that these travelers have ALWAYS been coming to our planet, and a great deal of supposed stories or evidence is real or based on real E.T. events.

It MEANS that all history books need to be thrown out and rewritten.     It means we need to listen and learn from our Galactic Historian, Andrew Bartzis.

It means that our Science books need to be thrown out and rewritten.  By the way, there are 280 elements in the universe, not the 115 or so our great scientists have discovered so far….

It MEANS that a lot of them are a lot like us, and we should not be afraid of the fact that we are not alone; only that stupid, lazy, ignorant, and brainwashed people continue to live like zombies and believe everything they are told without trying to discover the truth about our past, present, and future.

To see a video that explains other pieces of evidence, search Youtube for “40 reasons to believe in E.T. life“, or “You don’t know crop” to see a musical slideshow with more than 500 crop circles.   Both videos made proudly by yours truly.

~Cosmic Love New Age News



Eireport blog update 4.14.14

April 14, 2014

Evaluation of newly aligned Gaia energetics is in progress.

Standards of operation have raised significantly.

Stabilizing of Cosmic-Gaia connecting lines is proceeding.

Nova Light Codes currently being transmitted to all consciously involved in Gaia upgrade.

Transitions into “Nova Energetic” mode has completed.

HS Message – Cascades of Higher Harmonics Catalyze All through the April 2014 Gateway and Beyond

April 14, 2014


by April Bender

I am very pleased to inform you that the recent Star-bursts of Light, Information and Opportunity reported along and within the newly infused 5D-7D Higher Collective Mind/Web of Life, have indeed grown in scope, size, duration and intensity over the course of this last week. Further opening, expanding, and merging those collective pathways/nodal points of connection, information exchange, and communion into formidable standing energy waves and/or Cascades of Higher Harmonics that will Catalyze All through this April 2014 Gateway and Beyond.

You personally experienced these early Cascades of Higher Harmonics rather acutely, with yet another busy week packed full of various “opportunities” to further deepen your participation in the larger, over-arching Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieving Sequencing Process, as did the Collective. And as forecast, these “cascades” of higher energetic information/flow have already begun to manifest opportunistic events, situations, and/or circumstances in your outer world, such as the Bundy Ranch stand-off to name just one, for catalyzing a potential paradigm-shattering collective Reclamation Effort/Act.

For it is this specific Act, The Reclamation of Individual Soul and therefore, “Collective Soul” Divine Birthrights such as Self-Sovereignty, Health/Wholeness of Experience, Unconditional Love, Freedom, Communion/Co-Creation, of the overall Sequencing Process, that will take center stage, both on an individual and a collective level, moving into the April 15 lunar eclipse energies.

This however, is only the beginning or entrance, into this blessed window of heightened opportunity for All, which will last through the month of April into the very first days of May, peaking around April 23/24 with the Grand Cardinal Cross Alignment. This is an even larger window or gateway of opportunity, for the Collective Higher Mind to experience its first moments of “self-awareness” and/or for the Event, or collective moment of “no-time,” “no separation,” “contact/communion,” and/or “unity consciousness” to take place.

Therefore, this entire upcoming gateway calls for the same level of heightened intention, “centering” and inner “breath-work” that was called for during the Spring Equinox Portal, as all the same factors of success are present. Another synchronized attempt at induction or full activation of the Higher Collective Mind will soon commence, as the April 15 lunar eclipse looms only 2 days away. And in fact, you can already feel these Cascades of Higher Harmonics rising, building, morphing into the next majestic movement/expression that is soon to burst forth within You, and into the experience of All. From April 15 onward until the Cardinal Cross – will see a steady induction/build of these Higher Harmonics, with moments of respite/integration/harmonization in-between before the next plateau is reached.

As the Collective Higher Mind fully unleashes these Cascades (as pathway flow becomes less and less impeded due to the continued deepening of the Sequencing Process) a tremendous surge of light, information and memory will flood the collective Mind/Web – and as if that were not enough, it will be joined with the incoming celestial energies/harmonics from these upcoming events/alignments, as each plateau is reached. So in essence, an added oomph or catalyzing cosmic force/flow will weave itself into the play of existing energetics – further triggering, expanding, calling more forth of YOU, your Soul/Star family lineages, their light codings, and a Reclamation from the Collective itself – in order for the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life to become awash in the experience of Christ/Unity Consciousness or Wholeness of Experience.

In summary, if this induction of the Higher Collective Mind/Web of life is successful during this window…

1.) The Event or collective moment of “no-time” and “no-separation” commences. Everyone experiences this deep inner click, peak behind the veil, and/or a-ha moment uniquely. These waves or moments of “no-time” then begin to build in frequency and duration from Spring all the way into early Fall, aiding in the conclusion of the overall Collective Higher Mind Resolution, Reclamation and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process – so that by September, the collective Mind/Web can maintain it’s state of lucidity or higher awareness.

2.) As more and more human souls experience these moments of “no time/separation,” and/or “contact/communion” with their Soul/Star families, aspects of their multi-dimensional Selves, each other, and various aspects of Creation, the more they will find themselves “coming Home” or waking up to their true Divine natures, and will realize that the current forms/structures that they participate in on a daily basis run contrary to that sense of “home-coming” and union, as these systems were meant to keep them distracted, divided, in limited experience/understanding, and under dominance/control. A collective tipping-point will then be fully realized or manifested within the outer experience.

3.) This mass of human souls will then denounce or refuse to participate in such illusory societal norms, structures and policies. A brief time of rebellion, chaos, and full Reclamation will then ensue. These defunct systems will then collapse/fail as a result of this Collective Reclamation, and their inherent lack of sustainability and/or service to the Whole. Gaia will concurrently, go through her own transformation or Reclamation/Restoration process during this period as well, as she is naturally infused within the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life. So some measure of earth upheaval is also indicated as she cannot help but be affected by the induction itself, followed by humanity’s mass release/expression of such reclamation and reconciling of energies, as well as her own within the larger Mind/Web.

4.) People will NEED to come together and form new communities in order to thrive during this tumultuous transitional time, most likely peaking mid-Summer. This will be the first Collective initiation – the co-creation of a higher form of community or WAY OF BEING together. These communities will be the very beginning of or template for, 5D living and above on New Earth/Gaia. All Warriors of Light will help to form, lead, and merge these communities as many of the newly awakened masses will be confused and/or somewhat fearful – not understanding fully all that is happening.

Other communities of lower vibration will form too, as those souls of like vibration will be magnetized to come together as well. And so will begin the full reality split of who experiences or goes to what level/reality. Remember, all of this is happening very much on a “mental” level so individual and collective perception, intention, and experience will be key to what one experiences and/or the level of awareness they achieve. So it could be quite possible for one 5D type community to be living near a 3D community and for each community to experience a totally separate reality/circumstance.

There is so much more to tell beyond these first 4 summations, but we’ll get into that at another time depending upon the results of this upcoming induction/gateway. For this is a fluid affair and much can shift/change as a result, so it’s best not to get too far ahead of ourselves. For remember, this is a mighty co-creative collective undertaking – not just an individual one.

Therefore in the coming days, be prepared to take a mighty “in-breath” once more, as you and all other Warriors of Light inwardly access and pull through more complete information, memory, and codings during this next great induction attempt. You will once again be filled near to over-flowing and it will be very important for you to remain in your “center” or throne/seat of Divine empowerment as much as possible during this time. Especially with the Reclamation Process beginning to peak in catalytic intensity soon afterward. Be sure also to record any experiences, including dreams, visions, etc…that occur for you during this time.

For after the integration of such a mighty in-breath, an equally large “out-breath” or opportunity for co-creative expression, communication/communion, and Reclamation will catalyze All into new levels and forms of heightened experience. So hang on to your hat! But do know, that the month of May will bring with it a far greater sense of release, movement, freedom, and communion – the likes of which you cannot even begin to fathom.

Therefore there is no reason to be fearful of what is coming, in fact, quite the contrary – it is a time of great celebration! The fulfillment of the Cycle of Ages, of the Divine Plan, of the Promise that was made to each and every Light Warrior upon their oaths of service, is upon You! All your heartfelt dreams and well-wishes for Gaia and her inhabitants are coming to fruition! You are about to fully step into THE role of your lifetime and to finally finish freeing the world you volunteered oh so long ago, to help free!

Again, there is so much more to share but I can sense my dear that you grow tired – today’s session being more of a trial for you than most others due to the already incoming lunar eclipse energies. We must connect again soon, as things are bound to move quickly now and more frequent updates shall soon be required.

Get some rest, until next time.

Grand Event – The Beginning – April 15th Blood Moon

April 14, 2014

Grand Event – The Beginning – April 15th Blood Moon – Pleiades

By annamerkaba on March 31, 2014

On April 15th a magnanimous event shall unfold before earthlings. An event of such proportions that the world has not seen eons past. The event that shall be known in recorded history as that which has come and that which has gone and that which has returned and that which has risen from the ashes of the past into the newly formed UNITY of  the ones to come. For the mathematical equation of Pi, and E=MC2 shall play a very important role in the days to come. For that which does not exists to the human mind, shall indeed be revealed. ~

This is a VERY long channeling, so please bare with me. At the end there are also further information and explanation of everything for you. Enjoy! :) <3

On April 15th a magnanimous event shall unfold before earthlings. An event of such proportions that the world has not seen eons past. The event that shall be known in recorded history as that which has come and that which has gone and that which has returned and that which has risen from the ashes of the past into the newly formed UNITY of the ones to come.

For the event of the magnanimous proportions, shall strip mankind of all their EGO, shall strip mankind of all their knowledge of eons past.  For all shall be stripped away, and only the raw, true, nature remain. The stripping away of the veil of the illusionary world that they have found themselves to be a part of. And the truth of their kind be revealed to them yet again.

Therein within the hearts of so many lays the code to the eternal understanding of time, the eternal understanding of all that is, all that was and all that ever will be. The codexes imprinted therein shall activate on the date in question and continue to rapidly unfold throughout your known world, and the worlds around you. Baring the fruitful commencement of the events that are to follow, the earthlings shall face the history that they have not been exposed to prior.

The earthlings shall bear fruit of all that has been laid before them, by those who have come and gone. And as such, the events that are to unfold will touch many a heart, will unraveled many a truth, from within the layers of the sub atomic particles within the psyche of their being and the civilization as a whole.

Many upon many shall awaken and open their eyes as if for the first time, seeing the world anew, many upon many shall bear witness to the magnanimous events occurring in the skies and within their own vessels, for the vessel of time and space, the vessels of the human understanding of time shall be transformed once and for all. That which was hidden shall become known and open the doors to the eternal understanding of that which they are!

For the events unfurling themselves before you have been misunderstood by humanity. For the stories that have been foretold have been put through the EGO selves of the beholder, for the truth that is to be unfolded and revealed to humanity is not the Armageddon of the world. For the word Armageddon has indeed been misunderstood by humanity. For the idea of Armageddon truly is the BEGINNING of times, and the shedding of the old, and welcoming of the new!

For indeed the revelations of the history of mankind shall cause the Armageddon of the know world, the know world within the hearts of so many, for upon the awakening of themselves to their true selves and facing thereof, much will become crystal clear, much will become, known, and there shall no longer be a shadow to hide behind, for each and every single one shall face their own self, their own EGO, their own fears and apprehensions, their own reality.

For each one shall see the bright light of the source, and their own divine selves. For each one shall take heed of their actions, for each one shall be faced with that which they have indeed experienced prior, and asked to release and cleanse from their palate.

All of this shall occur in a split moment of time, for the energies that shall pore onto earth at the time of the second moon shall be grand, for the first moon that ye shall see in the nightly skies, the first moon that ye shell lay eyes upon shall swirl the energies,  the beautiful energies of creation, for the energies of actions shall be delivered into the earth’s fields of glory.

Much shall unfold before you. Much of the human understanding shall be changed. For only the love, the unconditional love of the universal proportions shall rein on this planet. Love and understanding, love and eternal bliss, for the time has come to put down the weapons of self destruction and open the hearts to the new energies, the new consciousness to descend into your own vessels and for your souls to ascend to the creator, to ascend into a new understanding. The understanding of oneness, the understanding of manifestations, the understating of your own supremacy and the powers therein. To understand  that indeed you are a part of the great composition that is the universe. To understand that you are indeed NOT alone. For you are always surrounded, for you are always supported by the source and all that is.

And so, as the hearts of so many shall open, the hearts of so many shall embrace the new world, and a such, and thus, it is of utmost importance for ALL of YOU – The Ground Crew, to remain in balance, remain in balance dear children of light, for the road ahead is turbulent indeed. Remain in balance for the light that you bring forth into this world is emanating tri fold. For you are as a prism that is transporting the light into the known world. For you are that which has brought into this universe the new knowledge and understanding of self. The new knowledge and understanding of that which has come and that which shall be. For the mathematical equation of Pi, and E=MC2 shall play a very important role in the days to come. For that which does not exists to the human mind, shall indeed be revealed. For the humanity shall once and for all see with their very own eyes, that indeed it is so, that they are not alone, they are not alone it the galaxy, that they are not alone in the universe, they are not alone.

The wonder of life, shall unfold before all children of their creator selves. The wonder of the beautiful creation you call Mother GAIA. For indeed it is so. And a such, many questions shall arise, and many shall cry to the heavens for explanation, for their ideals and their understanding of self, shall vanish, and all shall be erased, for they will stand in awe and wonder and trepidation, stripped completely naked to the core of their hearts. And only the beautiful melody of truth shall ring in their ears.

And when such an event occurs, know that much chaos shall unfold, and as such, you shall be the ones to embrace the lost souls, you shall be ones to show them the way, you shall be the ones to honor and protect them, to respect that which they are going through and assist them in further rediscovery of themselves and their link to the universe en large.

For that which they shall see, for that which they shall hear, for that which they shall sense, will frighten them to the core. For most it shall be occur in private, in the privacy of their chambers, for some it shall occur in the open fields of their imaginations. For others it shall occur in the vast cosmic alliances and yet for the rest it shall be  revealed and brought through the television screens, through the computer screens, through all the media of your known world. And so. And thus, the preparation is near, the preparations of the galactic history that will open the gate and unfold a new plan for the new millennium, a new plan for humanity a new plan for all that is.

Stay in the light dearly beloveds, stay in the light knowing that we are standing by you. Know that you are loved beyond measure by the universe, by the source and all that is. Understand that you are the ones in command, that you are the ones that have taken it upon yourselves to walk foot in foot and hand in hand with humanity. Know that you are, the guardians of earthlings, for you are their guides, you are their way showers, you are their support team. Understand that although the road will be lengthy it will be a fruitful one indeed!

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

PERSONAL NOTE: From what I am feeling and seeing, the events are going to begin on the 15th and continue all through the blood moons, all the way through next year and beyond. What we are reaching is a turning point, from which we are finally going to see rapid changes. Not that we haven’t, as we truly have! This year alone has  brought tremendous amount of changes! But now things are going to accelerate! Much of the darkness will be contained and balanced out. Much of what has been destroyed reconstructed, and built all over again. A lot of our lost history will finally begin to be “leaked” into the news. Scientists will confirm a lot more of what we are all talking about and already know. NASA will “leak” various images proving the existence of our Galactic Family. Spiritually people will awaken en mass, and begin to re-evaluate the way that they treat each other. We are ALL going to be affected. And although at times it might seem like a bumpy road, we should always remember that that is exactly what it is, turbulence in a plane, just something we need to get through, and that sometimes the plane must fly lower to the ground in order to continue its flight. All in all everything is looking incredibly bright and beautiful! :) We have a A LOT OF wonder to look forward to!!!! :) We’re entering, well have already entered into very exciting times. :)

I also want to draw your attention to a few things. As I was pointed to this by my guides :) A channeling that I have received this past summer from AA Metatron. It was incredibly powerful and I didn’t know exactly what it meant, now with the blood moons, and the Passover and all the things coming up everything’s making perfect sense. Once again this is all POSITIVE!!! So treat it as such :) <3

As the Vitruvian Man spins in the dreidel (Spinning in Merkaba) of life force, so too does the earth spin in the direction of the sun. And so comes a moment in time, when all becomes crystal clear. Just as the reality of the truth of the ONE standing before you, for just as the truth has been put through the eye of the beholder, so too shall the RISING ENERGIES of the NEWBORN SUN fill the sky with envious glory.

Glory of the one who has come to liberate mankind from the grips of fear and misunderstanding!

For the newborn SUN, the SON of the GODS, brings with it NEW EARTH to those who seek it through the ages, through and through.

And so, it stands in your sky facing the wailing wall of Jerusalem – City of Man – City of God. For ALL is God’s glory. For all is God’s will.

And as the wall parts, so too shall the risen ones remain, while the Old falls away into the eternal abyss, and history of mankind shall change forever.

Shine your light dear ones for the moment of your glory has come! For the children of IS-(RA)-EL (IS = mother, Ra=Father, El = God) sing again, a beautiful song of love, light and eternal devotion to the ONE, the SOURCE of ALL THAT IS – which is … THEIR HEARTS!


For the moment is here! Rejoice! For your cries have been heard! Rejoice! For all is unfolding as it should.

Carry your light and stay strong! For we are with you always!

We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

Sirian Archangel Hermes 4/12/14

April 13, 2014

Greetings fellow beings of light! I come to you now with an important message regarding the closing of the great cycle of the Age of Pisces, for those whom are ready.

For many, the age has already ended. They have freed themselves from the lessons and bondage that was the Age of Pisces. Some however, remain mired in this age still, trapped within a matrix of linear time. This lack of spiritual progress from them continues to stagnate the planetary grid and gestalt of conscious thoughts into manifestation. The lightworkers have worked hard and remain committed to their missions, this has resulted in a great increase of the information available to others seeking the truth, however, I come to remind you all that in both linear and cyclic time, there is a beginning, and an ending. At the end of each age, one transcends to either a new age, or returns to the beginning of the same age. This often happens without the subject ever becoming aware, as the matrix of linear time has become the standard for the majority of inhabitants of this world. There are angels and gods who remain, walking around in state of spiritual slumber, unaware of their potential and ability, due to the lock of third dimensional time. Remember that there will be no observation, or acknowledgement of a change of the ages by your main stream media or any outside sources. Only you will know this, only you will feel it, and only you will be able to find others who also, are aware of it.

Your planet continues to grow in seismic unrest, this is becoming more evident everyday. This is how Gaia communicates with you on a human level, she is the human form of your planet, the ambassador for a human vessel to be able to relate to and comprehend divine cosmic energy. She is foretelling of the great birthing pains of a new race, a new paradigm and a new age. Remember also that not all of the seismic movements on your planet are “natural”. The dark cabal continues its mission, just as the lightworkers are, remember that you will be able to tell them apart from others. Trust in your discernment and let your third eye pierce the veils they will try to deceive you with.

“There will be signs in the heavens and upon the earth”, this is an accurate parable of what is happening now in your linear timelines. A powerful lunar eclipse is nearing, one that marks a shift in all timelines. Just as the moon guides the ebbs and flows of the tides, so can it also be used as a timepiece. Adepts will know what is to come if they have studied of astrology, comparing similar eclipses of the past, and cultures or events from those times of the linear past. They are aware that every eclipse is a rare event, not just some of them, as each time there are slight to vast differences in play during the event. The coming event will be no exception, as there are many powerful alignments and energies in play once again.

As I spoke of in my previous message, the prophets are beginning to rise and make themselves known. This also means that the false prophets as well, are doing the same, as above so below. Your spiritual and inner discernment is going to be extremely important. The prophecy of the true prophets, you must know, you must feel, and most importantly, you must heed. That of the false prophets, you must be able to know as well, let them bury themselves with their own lies, it will not take very long for the true prophets to be the only ones that will remain. There is already a great deal of prophecy surrounding the upcoming eclipse, this message included. Let your third eye read beyond what your two eyes can already see!

For many, this eclipse will serve as the “confirmation”, that a change of ages is manifesting. There have been many signs already, and many have been able to acknowledge them as the confirmation they needed, and thus, they have already transcended. Still others will remain locked in three dimensions of time, even after this eclipse has come and gone. Know however, that the remaining 3D timelines are few, and linear time is quickly running out for those who remain trapped to evolve and transcend. They will return to the beginning of the age or to another without even knowing it, until they are finally ready. That is the mystery and wonder of time, it is different internally for each, however many have all become entrapped into an absolute perception of time, externally, which is the third dimensional format, of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, and so on. This absolute education of time for so many has resulted in it becoming the dominant perception of the planetary consciousness gestalt, and therefore, continues to dominate the majority of peoples lives worldwide. All that is needed to change this, is to get the majority to transcend into a new perception of time, at that point, changes quickly begin to manifest worldwide.

We are witnessing the beginnings of this now, as events continue to increase in frequency, wonder and severity. You are nearing the proverbial tipping point of the ages, which transcends beyond a physical and individual level into a mental and planetary level. Prepare yourselves in all aspects, for the greatest series of events to happen on this planet in a very long scale of linear time.

In infinite love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light!


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