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October 22, 2014

Gaia Portal update

October 21, 2014

Originally posted on GaiaPortal:

gaia_energy1Transcendence of issues arising within and (apparently) without is of primary importance for all Gaia out-lookers.

Flairing of Cosmics concurrently with incursions of Cosmics into darker holes of Gaia, creates turbulence at all levels of Gaia consciousness, collectively and individually.

Clandestines are no longer.

Residences of Energies continues the climb, and will continue through the Golden Sun Emergence.

Within and With-out are now the same.

Presence of Higher BEings is now most essential to Gaia ascension purpose.

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Interstellar movie has nothing on this: Animated flight through the Universe

October 14, 2014


Intensities of energetic pulses reaches maximum at this moment

October 14, 2014

Originally posted on GaiaPortal:

gaia_energy1Intensities of energetic pulses reaches maximum at this moment.

Flashes of insight become commonplace among hu-being elements, and are shared rapidly.

Elevation of hu-manity to Hue-manity proceeds rapidly in the current Gaia time period.

Continuations of Light Elements Incomings is enhanced at this moment and results in Grand consciousness expansion.

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MUFON or MUFOFF? Why are they covering up the truth?

October 10, 2014

We Came From The Stars, and Then From Mars ebook Giveaway

October 5, 2014

This is it!  An exclusive PDF document to change what we understand about our world!  This is the information that has been hidden from us for centuries- Our origins, what star systems, who visited, where we settled, what’s real, and what’s not.  I say, YOU DESERVE TO KNOW!

We are offering it for free, on the condition that if you enjoy it and find it valuable, you make a PayPal donation to the author.  Get it while it’s hot before the authorities take it away.  Now you can finally know where we come from!

Download now –>: We Came From the Stars and Then From Mars  (with introduction)

Download now –>: We Came From the Stars and Then From Mars  (without introduction)


we came

Click here to download: We Came From the Stars and Then From Mars PDF document

When the file opens up, click the “Save a Copy” diskette icon near the bottom to save it to your computer.  Enjoy!

Procurements of consciousness upgrades continues at this moment throughout the Gaia planetary councils

October 4, 2014

Originally posted on GaiaPortal:

gaia_energy1Procurements of consciousness upgrades continues at this moment throughout the Gaia planetary councils.

Established formulas for advancements (so-called) are failing at increasing velocities and will not be continued.

All consciousness levels on all dimensions are elevating at this moment, in spite of visible-to-eyes appearances.

Chaotic nodes appear in exponentially increasing numbers throughout the cosmos, and in particular, the Gaia consciousness sphere.

Such nodes must reach sufficient concentration levels prior to node blow out and settling at Higher Levels.

Inner Light levels of Hue-Beings and hu-beings nears sufficiency for planetary up-leveling.

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5 Day Trip to the Edge of the Universe and Back

October 2, 2014

Originally posted on Beam of Light:

CR 31/582

The space journey. An overview

This is an overview of the travel destinations and rotation. Listed by the same sequential order they appear in the contact.

Catalogue and Destination / Star Constellation/ Distance from Earth  /Comments

Earth         Departing Switzerland 17 July 1975 at 10.14 h



Other Planets in our solar system

Earth         Back above at 16.30 h to watch the Apollo-Soyuz coupling.

The Mothership. Positioned in our solar system. Boarding the mothership to

continue the journey further into space.  Travelling at 289,000

kilometers per second for 30 minutes to location where undertaking first hyperspace jump.

M45           Beyond the Pleiades in Taurus 500 Light years from Earth (their distance)

M42           Orion Nebula in Orion 1800 Light Years from Earth (our distance).

M1             Crab Nebula in Taurus 3150 Light years from Earth (our distance).

B33           Viewing position in space 1810 Light Years from Earth (their distance).

Observing the Horsehead Nebula in Orion from…

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The manuscript of survival – part 426

September 28, 2014

Originally posted on aisha north:

Let us begin this missive by saying that you have by now already accomplished to pierce a few holes in that membrane that separates you from your own greatness, and like stars on the firmament, these small apertures will begin to exude a powerful light that will begin to attract you attention, but also the attention of others. You see, you are not just here to discover your own greatness, you are here to utilize that high voltage of light to create change on a vast scale, not just for your planet, but for All of creation. And before this adds to your already considerable pile of reasons to begin to think yourselves unworthy of all of this attention, know that you are far above and beyond anything that we can heap upon you of our most lavish of praise. For you are truly gods in your own right, but…

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Gaia Portal update

September 28, 2014

Pliancy of choice in relation to Gaia energetics is of paramount importance.

Restitutionals complete their functions within Higher and lower energetic grid structures.

Festivational relationships are in their current resting places.

Foundations of chance are no more.

Freeing movements are called for at this moment.

via Pliancy of choice in relation to Gaia energetics is of paramount importance.


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